Introduction of the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education

In keeping with the Ministry of Education' s global vision to "cultivate high-quality innovative talent and enhance international competitiveness", the Youth Development Administration has formulated the policy of "establishing multiple learning platforms and forming youth to bring innovation and reform". This policy values the human resources of youth, and emphasizes the function and subjectivity of "linking different sections in the formal educational system and promoting multi-experiential learning". The main tasks can be divided into the following three categories.

Promote career counseling for youth and enhance their employability

We want to enhance the effectiveness of career development counseling for university or college students, allowing the younger generation to explore and experience diverse career options, so that we can assist them in cultivating diverse employment aptitudes while in school. We will continue to hold "Juvenile On Light Program" (the professional aptitude training program for students who graduated from junior high school and stopped their studies), which has been listed as one of the supporting measures for the twelve years of compulsory education. We also organize activities to promote youth innovation through a variety of creative contests in order to foster future research and cultivate talent.

Encourage young people to participate in volunteer services and their involvement in public affairs

We continue to promote the activities of the Youth Policy Union by working with private organizations or schools to organize public affairs activities in communities and on campuses. We also enthusiastically cultivate talented young people who are willing to participate in public affairs, develop action plans for youth to engage in community activities and organize related lectures on campus. Moreover, we integrate the network of young volunteer resources, develop multi-service programs, organize volunteer promotion activities and reward teams for good performance. Hence, we will lead young people to get more involved in voluntary service so as to reach our target of recruiting millions of young volunteers.

Reinforce diverse learning for the youth and extend their international perspective

We encourage young people to participate in international (including cross-strait) meetings or events, organize the Youth International Affairs Camp, enrich the iYouth international exchange information network and offer a loan program for young people to go overseas. We also hold the youth international volunteer training, and develop a diversified international youth volunteer service program. Therefore, we promote Youth Travel and create a friendly environment in Taiwan for young travelers, as well as plan specific activities for them. We will reinforce the promotion of young people' s travels in Taiwan. We also coordinate and integrate related resources to jointly promote learning through providing services with other organizations. We will also continue to hold ceremonies in recognition of model youth in order to promote their value and spirit.